Device Configuration : Protect : Wireless : Hotspot
On this page you can make additional hotspot settings.
General Voucher Options
Here you can decide if and after which time interval you want to delete expired vouchers from the database. In the hotspot log you will still find information about deleted vouchers.
Login Page Certificate
To ensure login over HTTPS you can select certificates for the page login. You can generate and upload new certificates with on the Device Configuration > Protect > Web Server > Certificate page. Select the requested certificate from the drop-down list and click Apply to activate it.
Walled Garden
Add or select specific hosts or networks to be always accessible by all users, without entering a password or a voucher code. Hosts can be added on the Device Configuration > System > Hosts and Services > IP Hosts page, networks can be added via the System > Network menu.
Clear Walled Garden Configuration
Click Clear Walled Garden Configuration to clear the configuration settings.