Using Admin Console : Menus
The Sophos Central Firewall Manager offers you three work areas: Device Configuration, Template Configuration, and System. To select any work area, select the icon on the top right corner of the Home.
Once an area is selected, the Navigation bar changes based on the selected work area.
The navigation bar on the leftmost side provides access to various configuration pages. Menu consists of sub-menus and tabs. On clicking menu item in the navigation bar, related management functions are displayed as submenu items. On clicking submenu item, all the associated tabs are displayed. To view page associated with the tab, click the required tab.
The left navigation bar expands and contracts dynamically when clicked on without navigating to a submenu. When you click on a top-level heading in the left navigation bar, it automatically expands that heading and contracts the heading for the page you are currently on, but it does not navigate away from the current page. To navigate to a new page, first click on the heading, and then click on the submenu you want navigate to.