Device Configuration : System : Profiles : Network Address Translation : Add a NAT Policy
Add a NAT Policy
Use the Add NAT Policy page to quickly configure a new NAT policy.
The Add NAT Policy page allows you to manually enter details to configure NAT policy.
1. Go to Device Configuration > System > Profiles > NAT and click Add.
2. Enter the details.
Enter a name to identify the NAT Policy.
IP Address
Select IP Address for source NATing.
Available Options:
* IP Address - It will replace source IP Address with the specified IP Address.
* IP Range - It will replace source IP Address with any of the IP Address from the specified range.
You can search and select a particular IP Address based on the Host name. If IP Host or range is not already added, it can be added from here itself or can be added from Device Configuration > System > Host and Services > IP Hosts .
* MASQ is a default NAT policy and cannot be updated or deleted.
3. Click Save to add the NAT policy with the options you have configured.