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Netflow is a flow technology used for network bandwidth monitoring. Details of the traffic passing through the Security Policies can be exported as Netflow records to the Netflow Server. Based on the records received by the Netflow Server, data analyzing tools like Open Source Data Analyzer and PRTG software can generate reports.
The Netflow page displays list of configured netflow servers. The page also provides option to add, update, or delete the server.
Below are the screen elements with their description:
Netflow Configuration
Server Name
Specify a unique name for Netflow server.
Netflow Server IP/Domain
Specify IP Address (IPv4 / IPv6) or domain name of the Netflow Server.
Netflow Server Port
Specify the UDP port number for communication with the Netflow Server. NetFlow records will be sent on the specified port.
Default - 2055
Only traffic of Security Policies where "Log Firewall Traffic" is enabled will be sent to the NetFlow Server.
You can configure maximum five Netflow Servers.
Sophos supports NetFlow v5 and all the parameters of v5 can be exported.