Device Configuration : Policy Configuration Tasks
Policy Configuration Tasks
CFM allows following types of configuration:
Group level configuration - Configuration to be applied to all the devices in the group.
Subgroup level configuration - Configuration to be applied to all the devices in the sub group.
Device level configuration - Configuration to be applied to the individual devices only.
For managing and monitoring purpose, CFM groups all the managed devices into various groups. Use All Managed Devices drop down to view list of all the groups.
By default, CFM is shipped with three default Device Groups:
All Managed Devices – Displays list of all the devices by name and their status.
All Firmware Versions – CFM automatically groups all the devices added in CFM as per the device firmware version.
All Device Models – To view the device model wise grouping, under the Device Group, click All Device Models Version.
CFM allows you to create custom Device Groups based on various criteria like Department, Country etc. Please refer System Management > System Settings > Device Settings > Device Group to create and manage Device Groups.
To see the individual devices, use the Manage Policy menu.
Manage Policy drop down menu also displays status of the Devices as:
Connected and synchronized
Disconnected and synchronized
Connected and unsynchronized.
Disconnected and unsynchronized
CFM displays details of all the added devices as soon as you log on to Web Admin Console in the form of Dashboard. CFM provides two types of dashboards:
Device Group Dashboard – Consolidated dashboard for all the devices of selected device group or device subgroup
Device Dashboard – Dashboard for the selected device only
Please note that type of dashboard displayed changes, based on selected device group, subgroup or device. .