Device Configuration : Protect : Web Server : Web Servers : Add a Web Server
Add a Web Server
This page describes how to add a web server.
1. Go to Device Configuration > Protect > Web Server > Web Servers and click Add.
2. Make the following settings:
Enter a descriptive name for the web server.
Enter a description or other information.
Add or select a host, which can either be of the type Host or DNS Host.
* DNS Host is recommended here because hosts listed with their IP address transmit empty host headers which leads to problems with some browsers.
Select a real web server type. Whether you want the communication between Sophos Firewall OS and the real server to be encrypted (HTTPS) or plaintext (HTTP).
Encrypted (HTTPS): Browser-based access to real web server via HTTPS.
Plaintext (HTTP): Browser-based access to real web server via HTTP. Default.
Enter a port number for the real web server. By default the standard port of the selected real server type is selected.
Keep alive
Enable Keep alive to keep the connection between Sophos XG Firewall and the real server open instead of opening a new connection for every single request..
* In rare cases where the real web server does not support keep alive properly, this feature can provoke reading errors or timeouts and should then be disabled for the affected real server.
Enter a timeout for the Keep alive option. Values between 1 and 65535 seconds are allowed. Default is 300 seconds.
3. Click Save to save your settings.
The server is created and appears in the web servers list.