Device Configuration : Configure : Authentication : Guest Users Settings : Configure SMS Gateway
Configure SMS Gateway
You can configure SMS Gateway for Guest User registration from this page.
1. Go to Device Configuration > Configure > Authentication > Guest User Settings and click Add under SMS Gateway section.
2. Enter SMS Gateway details.
Enter a name of the SMS Gateway.
Specify URL of the SMS Gateway for sending SMS request.
HTTP Method
Select the method for sending SMS request to SMS Gateways from the options available:
Available Options:
* Get: Requests data from a specified resource.
* Post: Submits data to be processed to a specified resource.
Cell Number Format
Select to use country code with cell number.
Number Prefix
Specify the prefix value to be used with the cell number.
Number Prefix can include alpha-numeric and ASCII special characters.
It can be up to 4 characters long.
Request Parameters
Specify the following request parameters to configure the SMS Gateway.
Name is a descriptor used to describe the meaning of the value. E.g. username, password, mobile
Value of variables that are defined against name.
Response Format
Response describes delivery status of the message such as success, failed, limit exceeded. Status message can be in various formats. Few of them are described below:
For Example
Response Format
{0} | {1} | {2}
Response Received
success | mbno | msgid/transactionid
Response Format
Response Received
<status>500</status><transactionid>2323</transactionid><reason>Limit Exceeded</reason>
When the response format is different for success and failure, it is recommended that the response format string should have a single content holder. E.g. {0}
Response Parameters
Response Parameter is the value presented by content holder {0,1, 2...n} that will be displayed in log viewer.
Parameter Index: Parameter Index is the content holder value {0,1, 2...n}.
Name: Name represents the content holder in the Log Viewer.
For Example 1:
Parameter Index
For Example 2:
Parameter Index
SMSID - 2323
SMS Status Message – Length Exceeded
3. Click Save to add SMS Gateway.