Device Configuration : System : Profiles : Schedule
The Schedule page displays the list of all the predefined and custom schedules.
Schedule defines a time schedule for applying Security Policies or Web & Application Filter policy. It is used to control when these policies are active or inactive.
Schedule also defines the system triggered scan for Rogue AP Scan.
Types of Schedules:
Recurring - use to create policies that are effective only at specified times of the day or on specified days of the week.
One-time - use to create Security Policies that are effective once for the period of time specified in the schedule.
The device is shipped with the following predefined schedules which can be applied to various security policies: Work hours (5 Day week), Work hours (6 Day week), All Time on Weekdays, All Time on Weekends, All Time on Sunday, All Days 10:00 to 19:00. You can also create new schedule, modify the existing schedules or delete a schedule.
* Schedule used by Security Policies or any policies cannot be deleted.