Device Configuration : Configure : System Services : Log Settings : Add Syslog Server
Add Syslog Server
You can add Syslog server from this page.
1. Go to Device Configuration > Configure > System Services > Log Settings and click Add under Syslog Servers section.
2. Enter server details.
Enter a unique name for syslog server.
IP Address / Domain
Specify IP Address (IPv4 / IPv6) or domain name of the Syslog Server. Logs from the device will be sent to the server.
Specify the port number for communication with the Syslog Server. Device will send logs using the configured port.
Select syslog facility for logs to be sent to the Syslog Server.
Facility indicates to the Syslog Server the source of a log such as operating system, the process or an application. It is defined by the syslog protocol.
Device supports following syslog facilities for received logs:
Available Options:
Daemon logs (Information of Services running in device as daemon).
Kernel log
Log level information.
Logging based on users who are connected to the Server.
Severity Level
Specify severity levels of logs.
Severity level is the severity of the log that has been generated.
Device logs all the messages at and above the logging severity level you select. For example, select ‘ERROR’ to log all messages tagged as ‘ERROR,’ as well as any messages tagged with ‘CRITICAL,’ ‘ALERT’ and ‘EMERGENCY’ and select ‘DEBUG’ to log all messages.
Device supports following severity levels:
* EMERGENCY - System is not usable
* ALERT – Action must be taken immediately
* CRITICAL - Critical condition
* ERROR -Error condition
* WARNING - Warning condition
* NOTIFICATION - Normal but significant condition
* INFORMATION - Informational
* DEBUG - Debug level messages.
Device produces logs in the specified format. Device currently produces logs in Device Standard Format.
* You can configure maximum five syslog servers.
3. Click Save to add Syslog server.
Once you add the server, go to Device Configuration > Configure > System Services > Log Settings page and enable all those logs, which are to be sent to the syslog server.