Device Configuration : Configure : Authentication : Servers : Add an External Server : Add TACACS+ Server
Add TACACS+ Server
This page describes how to add a TACACS+ server.
1. Go to Device Configuration > Configure > Authentication > Authentication Server and click Add.
2. Select the server type TACACS+ Server.
3. Enter values for the following settings:
Server Name
Enter a descriptive name for the TACACS+ server.
Server IP
Enter an IP address for the TACACS+ server.
Enter the port of the TACACS+ server. By default, this is port 49.
Shared Secret
Enter the shared secret which is a text string that serves as a password between a TACACS+ client and a TACACS+ server.
4. Click Test Connection to check the connectivity between the TACACS+ server and the Sophos Firewall OS. It also validates TACACS+ server user credentials.
5. Click Save.
The TACACS+ server is now available and appears in the Authentication Server list.