Device Configuration : System : Administration : Updates
Device Configuration > System > Administration > Updates
By default pattern updates are updated automatically. Updates page displays the status of various patterns for different models like Sophos AV, IPS, WAF. The page also allows to update patterns or set auto-update time interval.
Below are the screen elements with their description:
Updates Status
Pattern name whose definitions are updated.
Current Version
Version of the Pattern
Last Successful Update
Status along with date of the last update
Update Pattern Now Button
Click ‘Update Pattern Now’ button to update the pattern definitions.
Pattern Download/Installation
Auto Update
To update pattern definitions automatically, enable "Auto Update".
If "Auto Update" is set as off, set the time limit in which you want to receive updates.
Available Options:
* Every hour
* Every 2 hours
* Every 4 hours
* Every 12 hours
* Daily
* Every 2 days