Device Configuration : Protect : Wireless : Wireless Networks
Wireless Networks
The page provides a list of all configured wireless networks along with their name, SSID, client traffic mode, encryption mode used and frequency band. New wireless networks can be added and existing ones deleted.
Device Configuration > Protect > Wireless > Wireless Networks
* You can also view the wireless network status on the System > Current Activity > Wireless Client List page.
The page displays all existing wireless networks. You can add new wireless networks, update or delete them. Following is a description of the table elements:
Displays the name of the wireless network.
Displays the SSID of the wireless network.
Displays the Status of the wireless network.
Client traffic
Displays the client traffic of the wireless network.
Encryption Mode
Displays the encryption mode of the wireless network.
Frequency Band
Displays the frequency band of the wireless network.
Displays the available managing options for the wireless network:
Edit: Allows you to edit the wireless network.
Delete: Allows you to delete the wireless network.
To either add or delete a wireless network, click on the corresponding buttons.