Device Configuration : Protect : Web : Categories : Add Web Category
Add Web Category
Create a new Custom Web Category.
On the Add Web Category page you can create a new Custom Web Category for use in policy decisions. To create a Web Category:
1. Enter a Name for your new category.
2. Select a classification from the Classification drop-down menu.
* Available classifications include:
3. Select an option for Traffic Shaping Policy.
4. Set the Configure Category option to either Local or External URL Database.
If you select External URL Database you can enter a URL to a list of custom URLs that you want to include in the category.
If you select Local you can enter a list of domains or keywords, either by uploading a text file or by entering them in the related text box. In the Search/Add text boxes you can enter domains or keywords. The existing list will match what you type so that you can see if an entry already exists.
5. Enter a Description to describe your new Web Category.
6. Click Advanced Settings to configure policies or override the default message for a category.
a. Next to Action, select one or more policies from the Web Filter Policy list. For each policy selected, set the desired action for both HTTP and HTTPS.
a. Next to Denied Message, select Override Default Denied Message to modify the block page shown if your Web Category is denied by a policy. This allows you to have present a specific message if a user is blocked.
7. Click Save to create your new Web Category.