Device Configuration : Protect : Web : Web Filter Policies : Add Web Filter Policy
Add Web Filter Policy
Create a new Web Filter Policy.
On the Add Web Filter Policy page you can create a new Web Filter Policy to include on the Device Configuration > Protect > Web > Web Filter Policies page.
1. Enter a Name for the policy.
2. Enter a brief Description for the policy you want to create.
3. Under Clone Web Categories select an existing web category from the dropdown list.
* This will populate categories from the existing web category to help create a similar policy.
4. Select the Enable Reporting check box to include this policy in generated reports.
5. Set Download File Size Restriction to the maximum file size that can be downloaded for this policy. Leave this set at zero for no restriction.
6. Under YouTube Education Filter enter your school ID for YouTube for Schools.
If specified, then only controlled YouTube content is accessible to students and teachers within school premises.
7. Under Google Apps domain(s) specify the domains for which you want to allow Google Apps.
8. Click Add to configure categories associated with this Web Filter Policy.
9. Click Save.