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Web Filter Policies
The Web Filter Policies page allows you to Add, Delete, or Edit web filter policies.
Use this page to create and maintain a set of Web Filter policies. Each policy can filter based on a Web Category, File Type, URL Group, or Dynamic Category. Default policies are included, and you can create and maintain your own.
On this page you can view the list of Web Filter polices. Details of each are listed under the related table heading:
Name: The name of your existing Web Filter Policies. To edit an existing policy, click the Name, or select the check box and click the wrench icon under Manage.
Filter icon: Select this icon to filter results. You can limit the policies that are displayed to a keyword search.
Default Action: Shows the default action configured for the policy.
Reporting: Displays if reporting is Enabled or Disabled for the policy.
Description: Provides a short description for the policy.
Manage: Includes a edit or delete policies.