Device Configuration : Protect : Web : Proxy
Device Configuration > Protect > Web > Proxy
The device can also act as a Web Proxy Server. To use your device as a Web Proxy Server, configure the device’s LAN IP Address as a proxy server IP Address in the browser setting and enable access to Web Proxy services from Device Access section.
* You can also view and manage the Web Proxy status on the Device Configuration > Monitor and Analyze > Diagnostics > Services page.
Below are the screen elements with their description:
Web Proxy Port(Applicable only when the device is configured as Web Proxy)
Specify Port number, which is to be used for Web Proxy.
Default - 3128
Trusted Ports
Device allows the access to those sites which are hosted on standard port, only if deployed as Web Proxy. To allow access to the sites hosted on the non-standard ports, you have to define non-standard ports as trusted ports.
Click icon to add the HTTP trusted ports, Cancel icon to delete the trusted ports and Click icon to modify the trusted ports.
Click Apply to configure Web Proxy settings.
Web Proxy enforces Web and Application Filter policy and Malware Scanning Policy as configured in Security Policies.
IPS policy is applicable on the traffic between proxy and WAN, but not between user and proxy.
Traffic Shaping policy is not applicable on the direct proxy traffic.