Using Admin Console : Common Operations : Set Schedule
Set Schedule
For the entire group and subgroup level configuration, administrator can update configuration immediately or schedule the update. Whenever any configuration task – add, update and delete, is done, Set Schedule page with following parameters is opened:
Synchronize Configuration - Select the time and date to update the configuration.
Immediately – Changes will be applied immediately to the device(s).However it takes some time to reflect the changes locally.
At:Specify date and time in the format YYYY –MM-DD Hours:Minutes or select date and time from the given calendar. Configuration will be updated at the scheduled time. All the scheduled tasks are listed at Account Settings > Device Settings > Scheduled Task page. If required, scheduled task can also be deleted from Scheduled Tasks page.
Device Time Zone – Select to apply changes as per the device time zone.
Override configuration - Select Yes to override existing configuration of device else select No.
Select Device(s) - Select Device(s) or Device Group(s) for which this task is to be scheduled.
Filter Devices - Click to filter devices on the basis of given criteria.
Select Criteria and specify the value to be matched.
Model : Specify model.
Firmware: Specify firmware.
Company: Specify company name.
Country: Specify country name.
State : Specify state name.
City: Specify city name.
Device Name: Specify device name.
* Filter Devices is available only if Device is selected in Select Device(s).