Editing configuration files

You can edit your configuration (.tgb) files in Sophos Admin, which provides you with more granular VPN configuration options.

Open the .tgb file you have exported from the XG in Sophos Admin. You can:
  • Enable Send Security Heartbeat to allow Sophos Endpoint to send a heartbeat to the XG.
  • Enable Allow Password Saving to allow the users to save their user name and password on their machine.
  • Enable Auto-Start Tunnel to automatically enable the connection after the user logs on to Sophos Connect.
  • Enable Prompt for 2FA if you have configured Two Factor Authentication for the VPN users on the XG.
  • Add, modify and delete Networks that the user can connect to. Adding specific networks to the list enables split tunneling, as the user will access resources on those networks through the VPN connection, but will access internet resources straight through their remote gateway.
    Note If you delete all networks, Tunnel All mode will be activated, meaning all traffic will be directed through the VPN connection.
  • Change the Connection Name and Target Host.

If you Clear the configuration, you will need to import the .tbg file again.

If you Save the configuration, it will be saved as a .scx file.

Note You can import .scx files and re-edit them.

When you have saved the file, you can send it to the user, who will import it into Sophos Connect.