Policy mismatch error. Will download policy and retry connection.

This error applies to SSL VPN connections only.


The Sophos Connect client tried to establish an SSL VPN connection with an existing policy it has saved for this connection.

The firewall administrator changed the SSL VPN settings on XG Firewall after an SSL VPN connection was established and saved by Sophos Connect.


The connection was created using a provisioning file. Sophos Connect automatically downloads the new policy and reestablishes the SSL VPN tunnel.
Note If the firewall administrator changes the SSL VPN policy on XG Firewall while the tunnel is in a connected state, if it's an SSL VPN over TCP tunnel, the Sophos Connect client detects and downloads the new policy immediately. If it's an SSL VPN over UDP tunnel, you need to wait for the inactivity timer to delete the tunnel. Sophos Connect then downloads the new policy to re-establish the tunnel.