Import export

You can export and import full or partial device configuration across compatible devices of the same or different models. Device configuration is exported to a text file in human readable XML format. Update it offline, if required.


Import file

To select the complete path of the tar file to be imported, click the file selection button.


Click to import the configuration on the device.

Device existing configuration will be preserved. Entities with same name in existing configuration will be updated with the imported entity configuration and new entities will be added.

For example:

If you have a network traffic quota policy with name “Daily 10 MB” in both the existing and imported configuration then the existing policy configuration will be updated with the imported configuration. Any new policies in the imported configuration will also get added.


Export full configuration

Select to export all the entities configuration to a text file.

Export selective configuration

Select to export only selected entities configuration. Click Add new item to select entities and apply to add the selected entities.

Dependent entities for the selected entity will also be exported if Include dependent entity is selected.

To update a configuration using API, do the following:

  • Export the required configuration.
  • Extract the .xml file and make the required changes. For the configuration's API format, go to API help.
  • Compress the updated .xml file into a .tar file.
  • Import the .tar file to XG Firewall.
Click to export the configuration from the device.