Live users

Live users are users who are currently signed in to XG Firewall.

XG Firewall offers the following types of live users and their client types:
User type Client type Information
Normal Web client (captive portal)

Authentication agent (Windows, macOS, Linux)

SSO (Sophos client-based single sign-on)






Thin client (SATC)

NTLM client

Android client (authentication agent on Android)

Android web client (captive portal on Android)

iOS client (authentication agent on iOS)

iOS web client (captive portal on iOS)


eDirectory SSO

Chromebook SSO



Users sign in with their user credentials such as user name and password.

Users authenticate themselves either through the authentication client on the user device or at the captive portal of XG Firewall.

If single sign-on is configured, when users sign in on their device, they are automatically signed in to XG Firewall.

When you disconnect a user manually, users of the following client types will receive a notification:
  • Authentication agent
  • Android client
  • iOS client
  • Chromebook SSO
Clientless Clientless Clientless users are authenticated by their IP address and are displayed on configuration. Deactivated users don't appear on the list.
Guest Web client (captive portal) Users sign in as guests through the captive portal.

You can disconnect users. Depending on their client type, they will receive a notification which you can specify.

  • To disconnect users, select them, and click Disconnect. You can change the notification text. Then click Disconnect again.
Note To sign out a clientless user, do not click Disconnect. Go to Authentication and change the specific clientless user’s status to inactive. If you’ve disconnected a clientless user and want to sign in the user again, go to Authentication and change the user’s status to inactive and then to active.