One-time password

You can implement two-factor authentication using one-time passwords, also known as passcodes. Passcodes are generated by Sophos Authenticator on a mobile device or tablet without the need for an internet connection. When users log on, they must provide a password and a passcode.

One-time password service

You can configure two-factor authentication using the one-time password (OTP) service.

  • To configure two-factor authentication, click Settings and turn on One-time password.

OTP tokens

To log on using two-factor authentication, users must first obtain a token. Tokens are deployed as a QR code in the user portal. Users scan the code with Sophos Authenticator, which then generates passcodes.

  • To automatically create OTP tokens, click Settings and turn on Auto-create OTP tokens for users.
  • To manually create OTP tokens, click Add and specify settings. Then, view the token and send it to the user.
  • To view the token assigned to a user, click .
  • To synchronize the time offset with the server, click and type the passcode.