A leaf page is a page from where all the configurations can be done. The admin tab on the upper rightmost corner of every page provides access to several commonly used functions like:
  1. Support: Opens the customer sign-in page for creating a Technical Support Ticket. It is fast, easy and puts your case right into the Technical Support queue.
  2. About product: Opens the device registration information page.
  3. Wizard: Opens the network configuration wizard.
  4. Console: Opens the command line interface (CLI) console.
  5. Reboot XG Firewall: Reboots the device.
  6. Shutdown XG Firewall: Shuts down the device.
  7. Lock: Locks the web admin console. The web admin console is automatically locked if the device is in inactive state for more than 3 minutes. To unlock the Admin Console you need to sign in again. By default, lock functionality is disabled. Enable admin session lock from Administration > Settings
  8. Logout: Logs out from the web admin console.

Clicking Help hyperlink on the upper rightmost corner of every page opens the content-sensitive help page.