Log viewer

Use the log viewer to display event information for modules such as, system, email, web protection, Sandstorm activity, and so on.

  • To view events, select a module.
  • To pause live view, click .
  • To force the logs to refresh, click .
  • To export logs, click .
  • To view log details, hover over a module icon or click .
  • To add or remove columns, click .
  • To filter logs by field, click Add filter. Then, select a field, condition, and value and click Add filter.
  • To filter records by time, click (Quick filter).
  • To clear a filter, click Reset.
  • To view identities when data anonymization is enabled, click , and type authentication credentials.
  • To view packet information when packet capture is enabled, click Open PCAP.
Note Please be aware that sessions are logged when the connection is terminated upon receiving a connection "Destroy" event. This means that in the event of a connection being terminated and a "Destroy" event not being seen by the XG Firewall, such as during the loss of internet connection, the connection will not be seen in the log viewer.