Pattern updates

This page displays the status of patterns used by the various modules of your device, like Sophos AV, IPS and application signatures, and WAF. The page also provides options to update patterns or set an auto-update time interval. By default, patterns are updated automatically.

Updates status

Name of the pattern.
Current version
Version of the pattern in use.
Available version
Upgrade version, if available.
Last successful update
Displays time and date of the last successful update.
Displays status of the pattern:
  • Ready to install
  • Success
  • Downloading
  • Failed
Update pattern now
Click to update the pattern definitions.

Manual pattern update

Upload pattern file
To update patterns manually, download the pattern file. Select the file and click Update pattern.
Note A single pattern file is available for all modules. Modules that you haven’t subscribed to won’t be updated.

Pattern download/installation

Auto update
To update pattern definitions automatically, click Auto update.

Firmware updates for RED and access points are automatically downloaded and a notification is displayed. You have to manually install those updates. Usually, after installation, the RED or AP reboots. Connections to REDs or APs will be interrupted during that time and re-established afterwards.

Interval (Available only if Auto update is turned on)
Set the time limit in which you want to receive updates.
Available options:
  • Every hour
  • Every 2 hours
  • Every 4 hours
  • Every 12 hours
  • Daily
  • Every 2 days