Policy test

With the policy test tool, you can apply and troubleshoot firewall and web policies and view the resulting security decisions. For example, you can create a web policy to block all social networking sites for specified users and test the policy to see if it blocks the content only for the specified users. The results display the details of the action taken by the firewall, including the relevant rules and content filters.

Note If connections to the destination are affected by policy routing and the policy routing causes the connection to go through a different zone, the policy test decision will not reflect that changed zone.
Note The policy test feature assumes all web traffic is intercepted in transparent mode.
URL to test. For example, you can test a social networking site that should be blocked by the category and content filter specified in a web policy rule.
Authenticated user
User to include in the test. For example, you can specify a user that is included in a group that you included in a web policy rule.
Time and day
Time and day to include in the test. For example, you can specify a time that falls within the schedule of a web policy rule.
Test method
Firewall policy or web policy that you want to test.