SMTP quarantine

With SMTP quarantine, you can filter quarantined emails. You can delete or release emails from the quarantine area.

Basic filter

Specify filters.
  • Start and end dates: Specify the time period during which emails were processed.
  • Sender/Recipient/Subject: Specify the keywords.

Filter by

Specify filters.
  • Blocked by RBL
  • Spam
  • Analyzed by Sandstorm
  • Infected
  • Unscannable content or protected attachment
  • Other

SMTP quarantine data

You can delete or release filtered emails.

Note You can’t release virus-infected emails and emails found malicious by Sandstorm.
Note To delete emails quarantined due to Sandstorm analysis, you need read-write permission for Sandstorm activity.
Total utilization
Percentage of utilized quarantine area. When the quarantine repository is full, older emails are purged.