Guest user settings

Guest users are users who do not have an account and want to connect to your network in order to access the internet. You can add (register) guest users or allow them to register themselves through the guest user portal. Use these settings to enable guest users to register through the guest user registration page and to configure guest user authentication settings and default group.

Guest user general settings

Username prefix
Prefix to be used for generation of a user name for guest users.
Group to assign to guest users. Users inherit the policies specified by the group.
Password length
Number of characters to use for the generated password for guest users. Longer passwords offer improved security.
Password complexity
Type of password to use for generated passwords. More complex passwords offer improved security.
Message to be printed below user credentials to inform users about legal liabilities and charges for using the internet.
Auto purge on expiry
Purge user details when the user’s validity period expires.
Note This setting does not affect logs.

Guest user registration settings

Enable guest users registration
Allow users to register themselves as guest users through the user portal.
SMS gateway
Gateway to which the SMS containing the guest user credentials should be sent.
Guest username
Method to use for assigning guest user name. If you do not select Use cell number as username, the user name will be generated using the value specified in Username prefix.
User validity (duration in days)
Validity of guest users in days.
Default country code
Default country code to display with the cell phone number on the guest user registration page.
CAPTCHA verification
Require guest users to provide CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) code verification on the guest user registration page.

SMS gateway

An SMS gateway allows sending and receiving short message service (SMS) messages for the purpose of guest user registration. The firewall supports HTTP and HTTPS-based SMS service.