Sandstorm activity

Activity records provide basic information such as the date and time on which files or email messages containing suspicious attachments were sent to Sandstorm. They also indicate analysis and release status. Use the links provided to view report details and release files or email messages.

  • To filter the results, click the Filter button and specify criteria.
  • To view details of a Sandstorm analysis, click Show report.
Reports contain the following:
  • Download details, for example, the source and download time
  • File details, for example, the file name and type
  • Result of the analysis
  • Description of the potential threats contained by the file
  • A list of all users who have downloaded the file
  • For email messages, the sender and recipient address

When you release a file, users can download it immediately. Only files that are currently being analyzed or that have been returned with error status are eligible for release. Sandstorm continues to analyze the file even if you release it.

CAUTION Releasing an item before the analysis is complete may result in the downloading of malicious content.
  • To release a file or email message, click Release now.