Using the web admin console

Sophos Firewall OS uses a web 2.0 based easy-to-use graphical interface termed as the web admin console to configure and manage the device.

You can access the device for HTTPS web browser-based administration from any of the interfaces. XG Firewall when connected and powered up for the first time, it will have the following web admin console access configuration for HTTPS service.

Services Interface/Zones Default port
HTTPS WAN TCP port 4444

The administrator can update the default ports for HTTPS service from Administration > Admin settings

Web admin console language

The web admin console supports multiple languages, but by default appears in English. Apart from English, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Hindi, French, German, Italian, Korean and Brazilian Portuguese languages are also supported. Administrator can choose the preferred language at the time of sign-in.

Listed elements of the web admin console are displayed in the configured language:
  • Control center contents
  • Navigation menu
  • Screen elements including field & button labels and tips
  • Error messages

Administrator can also specify description for various policies, services, and various custom categories in any of the supported languages.

All the configurations done from the web admin console take effect immediately. To assist you in configuring the device, the device includes detailed context-sensitive online help.

Log on procedure

The log on procedure authenticates the user and creates a session with XG Firewall until the user logs-off.

To get the sign-in window, open the browser and type the internal IP address of XG Firewall in the address bar. A dialog box appears prompting you to enter username and password.

Below are the screen elements with their description:
Enter user sign-in name.

If you are logging on for the first time after installation, use the default username.

Specify user account password.

Dots are the placeholders in the password field.

If you are logging on for the first time after installation with the default username, use the default password.

Select the language. The available options are:
  • Chinese-Simplified
  • Chinese-Traditional
  • English
  • French
  • Hindi
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Default – English

Login button
Click to log on the web admin console.

Control center appears as soon as you log on to the web admin console. Control center provides a quick and fast overview of all the important parameters of your device.

Log out procedure

To avoid unauthorized users from accessing Sophos, sign out after you have finished working. This will end the session and exit from device.

To sign out of the device, navigate to admin at the top right of any of the web admin console pages and click Logout.