Captive portal

The captive portal is a browser interface that requires users behind the firewall to authenticate when attempting to access a website. After authenticating, the user proceeds to the address or the firewall redirects the user to a specified URL. Use these settings to customize the appearance and contents of the captive portal. For example, you can specify your company logo and custom button text.

  • To update the settings, click Apply.
  • To preview the captive portal, click Preview.
  • To erase custom settings, click Reset to default.
  • To customize the appearance of the portal, select Use custom HTML template and modify the HTML as required. Your portal must contain one of the following elements: <div id="__loginbox"></div>. The system will render the necessary user input elements in the div element. You can customize those elements using CSS and JavaScript.

Accessing the captive portal

Users can access the captive portal at https://<SFOS_IP_address>:8090.