Cellular WAN interface

When you enable cellular WAN, the firewall creates the WWAN1 interface. This interface is a member of the WAN zone, and the firewall rules for the WAN zone apply to it. The firewall also creates the ##WWAN1 host. You can protect against malware attacks and unauthorized usage by specifying firewall rules and policies for the host.

  • To view the modem details and the recommended configuration, click Show recommended configuration. Then, click Load recommended configuration to load the settings.

General settings

IP assignment
IP assignment method used by the modem.
Mode to use to establish a cellular WAN connection.
Reconnect tries
Number of attempts to be made when reconnecting to an access point. To provide unlimited attempts, select Always.
Modem port
Serial interface on which the modem will establish a connection.
Phone number
Phone number to use in order to establish the connection.
User name required for the connection.
Password required for the connection.
SIM card PIN code
Code required in order to unlock the PIN-enabled SIM card.
Access point name. The APN is a configurable network identifier that identifies the Packet Data Network (PDN) or the GSM carrier with which the user wants to communicate.
DHCP connect command
DHCP command to use to connect to the cellular WAN.
DHCP disconnect command
DHCP command to use to disconnect from the cellular WAN.
Initialization string
String that enables or disables certain features on the wireless modem. Priority is assigned according to the sequence indicated.

Gateway settings

Gateway name
Name to identify the gateway.
Gateway IP
IP address of the gateway.

Other settings

MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) value, in bytes. The MTU is the largest packet size that a network can transmit. Packets larger than the specified value are divided into smaller packets before they are sent.
MSS (Maximum Segment Size), in bytes. The MSS is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a TCP packet.
MAC address
Method to use for providing a MAC address to the modem. You can use the default MAC address or specify a different MAC address.