Troubleshooting mesh networks

Mesh network not usable

The mesh network is visible but clients cannot connect to the internet.

Your network may be incorrectly configured.

  • Check if you have at least one root access point and one mesh access point.
  • Ensure that the root access point is connected to the network through a wired LAN connection.
  • Check if your mesh access points are on the same channel.
  • Ensure that access points that are not part of the mesh network are on a different channel.

Mesh network not visible

The mesh network is established but clients cannot see the mesh SSID.

The mesh network may take up to five minutes to be available after configuration.

  1. Restart your access points.
  2. Wait five minutes for the network to appear.

Mesh access points missing from network

The mesh network is set up but you have connection gaps.

Some access points may not be connected to the mesh network.

  • Ensure that all mesh access points have the configuration. In order to obtain a configuration, the access points must initially be connected by wired LAN connection. After the configuration is saved, you can disconnect the mesh access points (except from one) and restart them.
  • Ensure that the LAN cable is only connected to one mesh access point.