Deploying a mesh network

We want to deploy a mesh network that contains one root access point and one mesh access point.


When you complete this unit, you’ll know how to do the following:
  • Connect access points so they can receive a mesh configuration.
  • Configure a mesh network with one root access point and one mesh access point.

Connect access points to the firewall

  1. Connect all access points that you want to deploy in the mesh network to the firewall using a wired LAN connection.
    Note All mesh access points in your network must use the same channel. Avoid dynamic channel selection as the channels may differ after restarting.
    Tip To maximize network efficiency, set the root access point to 5 GHz and the mesh access points to 2.4 GHz.
  2. Go to Wireless > Access points and accept any pending access points that you want to deploy.

Create a mesh network and configure access points

  1. Go to Wireless > Mesh networks and click Add.
  2. Specify the settings.
    Mesh-ID <My Mesh Network>
    Frequency band 5 GHz
  3. Click and specify settings.
    Access points <AP>
    Role Root access point
    Note You must designate at least one access point as root and one as mesh access point.
    Note You cannot create a mesh network between Sophos access points and Sophos APX series access points. Also, you cannot create a mesh network in Sophos APX series access points if both radios are using the 5 GHz band.
  4. Add at least one more access point.
  5. Click Save.
    The mesh access points can now be disconnected from the wired network.
  6. Disconnect the mesh access points from the wired network and place them in the intended location.
  7. Restart the access points and wait five minutes.