Sophos Firewall Manager

Restrictions apply if you are managing SFOS V16 devices from SFM V15. For details refer to Appendix E - Compatibility with SFMOS 15.01.0.
  1. Select Device management to enable keep-alive requests and check for configuration updates.
  2. Click Advanced settings and select the communication settings from the options.
    • Firewall manager will push configuration changes to the firewall
    • Device will fetch configuration changes from the firewall manager
  3. Enter the HTTPS port on firewall manager over which configuration updates are to be sent.
  4. Select the Communication Heartbeat protocol to specify how keep-alive information will be sent to the firewall manager.
    Note We recommend that you set Heartbeat protocol to Syslog.
  5. Select Update management to receive signature updates from the firewall manager.
  6. Click Advanced settings. For Firewall manager port, enter the port number, which you've specified under the Firewall manager's Administration settings.
    Firewall manager will push signature updates over this port.