Add a gateway

  1. Go to Routing > Gateways and click Add.
  2. Enter gateway details.
    Enter the name of the gateway.
    Gateway IP
    Enter the IP address of the gateway.
    Select the outgoing interface for the gateway.
    Default NAT policy
    Select the default NAT policy to be used for the gateway.
    Select None, if NAT policy should not be applied on the gateway.
  3. Enter health check details
    Health check
    Click to enable health check for monitoring the gateway and specify the parameters based on the description shown below.
    Interval (in seconds)
    Specify the time interval in seconds after which the health should be monitored.

    Acceptable range: 5 to 65535 seconds

    Default: 60 seconds

    Timeout (in seconds)
    Specify the time interval in seconds within which the gateway must respond.

    Acceptable range: 1 to 10 seconds

    Default: 2 seconds

    Specify the number of tries to probe the health of the gateway, after which the gateway will be declared unreachable.

    Acceptable range: 1 to 10

    Default: 3

    Mail notification

    Enable to receive an email notification if there is a change in gateway status.

    Note You need to configure mail server notification settings for the device to send and receive alert emails.
    Monitoring condition
    Protocol:From the drop-down list, select the communication protocol, such as TCP or PING (ICMP). Select the protocol depending on the service to be tested for the gateway’s health.
    Port: For TCP communication, specify the port number for communication.
    IP address: Specify the IP address of the computer or the network device which is permanently running or most reliable.
    • AND - All the conditions must be satisfied for the gateway to be considered alive.
    • OR - At least one condition must be satisfied for the gateway to be considered alive.

    A protocol request is sent to the given IP address. If the IP address does not respond to the request within the time-out interval then given number of retries are attempted. If it still does not respond then the device considers the IP address as unreachable.