You can set the time and date to the device’s clock or synchronize the device with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.

  1. Go to Administration > Time.
  2. Current time displays the device time and date.
  3. Select the Time zone based on the location in which the device is deployed.
  4. Select from the following options to choose how you set the time and date:
    • Use pre-defined NTP server (pool.ntp.org). The device uses NTP version 3 (RFC 1305). Click to Sync now.
    • Use custom NTP server. Enter the IPv4 address or IPv6 address or domain name. You can configure up to 10 NTP servers. At the time of synchronization, the device queries the configured NTP servers sequentially until it receives a valid reply from a server. Click to Sync now.
    • Select Do not use NTP server to configure the date and time based on the device’s clock. Set the date and time.