Add a DHCPv4 server

You can use DHCP servers to dynamically allocate unique IP addresses to devices on a network. You can also configure the server to assign static addresses.

  1. Go to Network > DHCP and click Add in the Server section.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Specify the settings.
    Interface Interface to use for the DHCP server. The firewall listens for DHCP queries on the selected interface.
    Accept client request via relay Provide DHCP to clients who send requests through a DHCP relay.
    Dynamic IP lease Ranges from which the DHCP server allocates IP addresses to clients.
    Static IP MAC mapping Static MAC address-to-IP address mappings. The IP address is always assigned to the MAC address on the specified host.
    Subnet mask Subnet mask for the DHCP server.
    Domain name Domain name that the DHCP server will assign to clients.
    Gateway IP address to be used as default gateway. You can specify a gateway or use the interface IP as the gateway.
    Default lease time Time to use for leases, in minutes, for clients that do not request a specific lease time.
    Max lease time Maximum lease time, in minutes. The client must send a new request to the DHCP server after the time specified has expired.
    Conflict detection Enable IP conflict detection to check the IP address before leasing. If the address is already leased, it will not be leased again.
  4. Optional Specify the DNS servers.
    You can use the firewall DNS settings or specify other servers.
  5. Optional Specify WINS servers.
  6. Click Save.