Add a Dynamic DNS provider

The firewall supports several third-party DDNS providers. However, you can also use the Sophos DDNS service. Sophos DDNS is provided under the terms of your subscription with no additional charges.

  1. Go to Network > Dynamic DNS and click Add.
  2. Type the hostname that you received when you registered with your DDNS service provider.
    For third-party service providers, use the format <accountname>.<provider>.com.
    For Sophos DDNS, use the format <hostname>
  3. Select an interface.
    The IP address of the selected interface will be bound to the specified hostname.
  4. Select the IPv4 address source.
    Use port IP Use the IP address of the selected port or interface.
    NATed public IP Use the public IP address assigned to the selected port.
  5. Specify the time interval that the firewall will use to check for changes to your server IP address.
    For example, if the interval is set to 10 minutes, the firewall will check for changes in your server IP address every 10 minutes.
  6. Specify the service provider details.
  7. Click Save.