Add IP host

Add IP host allows you to assign a hostname to a network, IP address, range or list.

  1. Go to Hosts and services > IP host and click Add.
  2. Enter the hostname.
  3. Select the IP family.
    Available options:
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
  4. Select the host Type.
    Available options:
    • IP
    • Network
    • IP range
    • IP list (IP addresses which belong to different networks or are not within a range.)
  5. If the selected host type is IP, Network or IP range:
    1. Enter the IP address, subnet or range based on the host type.
    2. Select an IP host group or create a new one.
    Note A single host can be the member of multiple host groups. A host group cannot include both IPv4 and IPv6 hosts.
  6. If the selected host type is IP list, enter the List of IP addresses.
    Note Only class B IP addresses can be added to an IP list. You can add or remove an IP address from the IP list.
  7. Click Save.