Add a remote access policy

  1. Go to VPN > SSL VPN (remote access) and click Add.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Specify identity settings.
    Policy members Users or groups who should have access to the network resources.
  4. Specify tunnel access settings.
    Use as default gateway Use this remote access policy as default gateway. When on, all traffic, including external internet requests, is forwarded to a default gateway. When off, internal and external traffic is handled by different gateways.
    Permitted network resources Resources (for example, interfaces) that this policy is permitted to access. If you want SSL VPN clients to be able to communicate, add the clients' network address, for example the default SSL VPN pool (
  5. Specify idle time-out settings.
    Disconnect idle clients Disconnect idle clients from the session after the specified time.
    Override global timeout Time after which idle clients will be disconnected.
  6. Click Apply.

Go to Administration > Device access and enable the LAN and WAN zones for the user portal.