Add a syslog server

  1. Go to System services > Log settings and click Add.
  2. Enter a name.
    Restriction Don't use special characters. Don't use the same name followed by the number 1 (example: test and test1) for syslog servers.
  3. Specify the settings.
    IP address/domain IP address or domain name of the syslog server. Logs will be sent to the server.
    Port Port number for communication with the syslog server.
    Facility Syslog facility to use for sending logs. The facility indicates the log source, for example, an operating system, process, or application.
    Severity level Minimum severity level of messages to be logged. For example, select Error to log all messages tagged as error and all messages tagged as critical, alert, and emergency. Select Debug to include all messsages.
    Format Log format.
  4. Click Save.
Go to System services > Log settings and select logs.