Hotspot Type Voucher

This page describes how to create vouchers, each with a unique code. The vouchers can be printed and given to guests. A list of created vouchers gives an overview of their usage and helps you to manage them.

This page describes how to create and manage vouchers.

  1. Navigate to Hotspots.
  2. Specify the following settings:
    Select the hotspot for which you want to create a voucher.
    Hotspot Voucher Definition
    Select the requested voucher definition.
    Note The available voucher types are defined by the administrator. Which type to use for what purpose has to be defined within the company.
    Enter the number of vouchers of this type to be created.

    Specify a description for the voucher.

    Enable this option if you want to print the vouchers directly.
    Page Size
    Select the page size you want to print.
    Vouchers per Page
    Select how many vouchers will be printed onto one page. The device automatically adjusts the vouchers on the page.
    Add QR Code
    You can request that in addition to the voucher text data, the printed voucher should also contain a QR code. A QR code is a square image containing encoded data. It can be scanned by a mobile device in order to access the hotspot sign-in page, where the fields are already filled out with the necessary data.
  3. Click Create Vouchers to create the vouchers with the settings you made.
The vouchers are generated. Each voucher will immediately be displayed as a new line in the voucher list below. If specified, they will be printed directly. Each voucher has a unique code.
Figure: Hotspot Type Voucher
You can now manage the voucher list below.