Operation: Update Advanced SMTP Setting

Sample Configuration
<AdvancedSMTPSetting> <RejectInvalidHELOorMissingRDNS>Enable</RejectInvalidHELOorMissingRDNS> <ScanOutboundEmails>Enable</ScanOutboundEmails> <DoStrictRDNSchecks>Disable</DoStrictRDNSchecks> <FirewallRelateInboundMails>Disable</FirewallRelateInboundMails> <BATVSecret>abcd</BATVSecret> </AdvancedSMTPSetting>

Parameter Mandatory Default Description
This option rejects hosts that send invalid HELO/EHLO arguments or lack RDNS entries
RejectInvalidHELOorMissingRDNS confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only 'Enable', 'Disable' are allowed.
Select this option if you want to additionally reject emails from hosts with invalid RDNS records
DoStrictRDNSchecks confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only 'Enable', 'Disable' are allowed.
Enable to scan all outgoing email traffic. Email is quarantined if found to be malware infected, or marked as Spam.
ScanOutboundEmails confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only 'Enable', 'Disable' are allowed.
Enable to relate firewall rule on inbound mails.
FirewallRelateInboundMails confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only 'Turn on', 'Turn off' are allowed.
Enter BATV secrate.
BATVsecret confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Datatype is 'STRING'.

Operation   Status   Message
Update Advanced SMTP Setting200Operation Successful.
Update Advanced SMTP Setting500Operation Fail.

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