Operation: Add Address Group / Edit Address Group
Description: To Add/Edit Address Group for applying Anti Spam scanning rules to group of Email Addresses, IP Addresses or RBLs when MTA Mode is enabled. 

Sample Configuration
<MTAAddressGroup> <Name>add1</Name> <GroupType>EmailAddressOrDomain</GroupType> <Description>dsdsadsad</Description> <EmailImportType>Manual</EmailImportType> <EmailAddressList> <EmailAddressDomain>this.com</EmailAddressDomain> </EmailAddressList> </MTAAddressGroup>

Parameter Mandatory Default Description
Specify a name for the Address Group.
Name confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Datatype is 'STRING'.
  • Maximum characters allowed are 50.
Select the Group type from the options available: RBL, IPv4 Address or Email Address/Domain.
GroupType confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only 'RBLIPv4', 'IPAddress', 'EmailAddressOrDomain', 'RBLIPv6' are allowed.
Specify RBL name/IP Address/Email to include in the Address Group.
RBLName/EmailAddressDomain/IPAddressNetwork confines to:
  • Type is 'ARRAY'.
  • Datatype is 'STRING'.
  • Specify a valid email address.
  • To separate words, use a dot (.).
  • Maximum characters allowed are 100.
  • Multiple values are allowed.
  • Duplicate values will be ignored.
Specify Address Group description.
Description confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Datatype is 'STRING'.
  • Maximum characters allowed are 255.
If Email/Domain is selected as Group Type, select whether to include Email Addresses manually or import from a file.
EmailImportType confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only 'Import', 'Manual' are allowed.
Specify the Email Address/Domain for 'Manual' import type.
EmailAddressFile confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Datatype is 'STRING'.
  • File formats 'csv', 'txt' are allowed.

Operation   Status   Message
Add Address Group200
Add Address Group500
Add Address Group502
Add Address Group541
Add Address Group542
Add Address Group543
Edit Address Group200
Edit Address Group500

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