Operation: SlowHTTP Protection
Description: Configure WAF slow HTTP. 

Sample Configuration
<WAFSlowHTTP> <RequestHeaderTimeoutEnabled>Enable/Disable</RequestHeaderTimeoutEnabled> <RequestHeaderTimeoutSoftLimit>10</RequestHeaderTimeoutSoftLimit> <RequestHeaderTimeoutHardLimit>30</RequestHeaderTimeoutHardLimit> <RequestHeaderTimeoutExtensionRate>5000</RequestHeaderTimeoutExtensionRate> <NetworkExceptions> <Host>HostName</Host> </NetworkExceptions> </WAFSlowHTTP>

Parameter Mandatory Default Description
Specify 'request_header_timeout_ext_rate'
RequestHeaderTimeoutExtensionRate confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Datatype is 'INTEGER'.
Specify 'request_header_timeout_hard_limit'
RequestHeaderTimeoutHardLimit confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Datatype is 'INTEGER'.
Specify 'request_header_timeout_enabled'
RequestHeaderTimeoutEnabled confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only 'Disable', 'Enable' are allowed.
Specify 'request_header_timeout_soft_limit'
RequestHeaderTimeoutSoftLimit confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Datatype is 'INTEGER'.
Specify 'skipped_networks'
Host confines to:
  • Type is 'ARRAY'.
  • Datatype is 'STRING'.
  • Multiple values are allowed.

Operation   Status   Message
SlowHTTP Protection200Operation Successful.
SlowHTTP Protection500Operation Fail.

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