Operation: Update HTTP or HTTPS Configurations
Description: To Configure HTTP/HTTPS Settings for scanning and restricting all the HTTP/HTTPS traffic. 

Sample Configuration
<AntiVirusHTTPsConfiguration> <ScanMode>RealTime/BatchMode</ScanMode> <FileSizeThreshold>1024</FileSizeThreshold> <AudioVideoFileScanning>Enable/Disable</AudioVideoFileScanning> <HTTPSConfigurations> <HTTPSScanningCA>Text</HTTPSScanningCA> <DenyUnknownProtocol>Enable/Disable</DenyUnknownProtocol> <AllowInvalidCertificate>Enable/Disable</AllowInvalidCertificate> <NoHttpsNotification>Enable/Disable</NoHttpsNotification> </HTTPSConfigurations> <PUADetection>Enable/Disable</PUADetection> </AntiVirusHTTPsConfiguration>

Parameter Mandatory Default Description
Select Scanning mode for HTTP/HTTPS Traffic from the available options: Real Time or Batch.
ScanMode confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only 'RealTime', 'BatchMode' are allowed.
FileSizeThresholdYes 1024 
Specify File Size Threshold (in KB) such that files that exceed configured threshold will not be scanned.
FileSizeThreshold confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Datatype is 'INTEGER'.
  • Range 1 to 1572864 is allowed.
  • Maximum digits allowed are 7.
AudioVideoFileScanningYes Disable 
Enable to scan video and audio streams being downloaded.
AudioVideoFileScanning confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only ''on'', ''off'' are allowed.
Select the CA used in HTTPS scanning.
HTTPSScanningCA confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Datatype is 'STRING'.
DenyUnknownProtocolNo Disable 
Enable to deny invalid traffic through HTTPS port.
DenyUnknownProtocol confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only ''on'' are allowed.
AllowInvalidCertificateNo Enable 
Enable to allow access to sites using an invalid SSL Certificate.
AllowInvalidCertificate confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
  • Only ''on'', ''off'' are allowed.
PUADetectionNo Disable 
Enable to deny PUA from being downloaded.
PUADetection confines to:
  • Type is 'SCALAR'.
NoHttpsNotificationNo Disable 
Enable to show notifications only for HTTPs with decrypt and scan HTTPs.

Operation   Status   Message
Update HTTP or HTTPS Configurations200
Update HTTP or HTTPS Configurations500

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