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Last update: 2022-03-11

Central synchronization

By synchronizing with Sophos Central, you can use Security Heartbeat to enable devices on your network to share health information. Synchronized Application Control lets you detect and manage applications in your network.

Additionally, you can manage your Sophos Firewall devices centrally through Sophos Central.

To register this firewall with Sophos Central and to turn on Security Heartbeat and Synchronized Application Control, select Register.


You will need to use a Central super admin account to register with Sophos Central.

To configure Security Heartbeat, select Optional configurations and add zones to the Missing heartbeat zones field.


Missing heartbeats are detected only in these zones. If a policy blocks a zone, but no zone is added here, the Security Heartbeat widget in the control center shows Missing.

If you turn off Security Heartbeat, Synchronized Application Control or Sophos Central management, you're still registered with your Sophos Central account.

To clear your registration with Sophos Central, select Deregister.

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