Traffic shaping settings

Use these settings to specify maximum bandwidth, traffic optimization, and bandwidth allocation for internet-bound traffic. These settings are usually applied to traffic that doesn't have a policy applied to it.

  • To view bandwidth usage, click Show bandwidth usage at the bottom of the page.

General settings

Total available WAN bandwidth
Sum of the maximum limits for all WAN links (in KB/s).
Optimize for real-time (VoIP)
Gives priority to real-time traffic such as VoIP. If disabled, priority will be applicable only for excess bandwidth, that is, bandwidth remaining after guaranteed bandwidth allocation.
Enforce guaranteed bandwidth
Select Enable to enforce the default policy settings on this page.
Default policy
Default policy to use for traffic that does not have a traffic-shaping policy applied.
  • Guarantee: Minimum bandwidth available to the user.
  • Limit: Maximum bandwidth available to the user.
  • Priority: Set from 1 (highest) to 7 (lowest) depending on the traffic required to be shaped.
If you want to specify individual traffic shaping policies, go to System services > Traffic shaping.