Import export

You can import and export the full or selective configuration of XG Firewall.

You can only import and export configurations across compatible devices. The configuration file is an XML file (.xml). You can update the configuration offline.


Import file: Select the .tar file to import and select Import.

Existing configurations with matching imported configurations are updated with the latter's settings. For example, if existing and imported configurations have a network traffic quota policy named Daily 10 MB, the existing policy is updated with the settings of the imported policy.

Existing configurations without a matching imported configuration remain unchanged. New configurations in the imported file are added to XG Firewall.


Export full configuration: Select to export the entire configuration and select Export.

Export selective configuration: Select the checkbox and select the configurations you want to export. Additionally, to export the dependent configurations, select Include dependent entity.

To update a configuration using API, do the following:

  • Export the required configuration.
  • Extract the .xml file and make the required changes. For the configuration's API format, go to the API help.
  • Compress the updated .xml file into a .tar file.
  • Import the .tar file to XG Firewall.